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Many people are mistakenly not concerned about the weight they’re carrying because they’re “big boned.” Or they set an insufficient weight loss goal  because, “I’m big boned.” Here is some information you should know about being “big boned.”
The additional bone size in an adult (bone alone) adds 3 lbs., at most, to someone’s weight, but it adds tons to their risk of disease.
Studies show there is a correlation between being ‘big boned’ and insulin resistance. Any increased amount of insulin in the system, along with promoting fat storage and blocking fat burning, acts as a growth factor on bone.
Heightened insulin resistance is a factor for developing heart disease. It occurs when the body makes insulin, but can’t use it effectively to break down blood sugar. Our Western Diet has our insulin pumps working overtime, and this starts with poor childhood diets. Overload children on sugars and carbs and you produce big bones.
Now you know being big boned is not an excuse for carrying extra weight. On the contrary, it’s a reason for weight management with a diet ensuring balanced blood sugar – starting with America’s children. We have a program for teens. Please ask about it.

There is a much stronger relationship between wrist bone circumference in children and the level of insulin in the blood than the relationship between BMI and insulin levels. That’s taking nothing away from the relevance of BMI. It just highlights an even more cautionary, significant measure: being big boned.

Being big boned does not support carrying more weight. In fact, being big boned is all the more reason for carrying less weight. It’s probably a visual clue to heightened insulin resistance and heart disease risk.


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