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If you’ve been reading and hearing a lot about organic foods and processed foods, you may be wondering where Meal Replacements like we use fit in with your healthy eating plan. Meal Replacements are not organic – does that mean they’re not healthy? Will eating organic make you lose more weight?

Read on for some clarity on the issue.

First things first
Compared to the health risks of eating non-organic foods or avoiding meal replacements, the risks of obesity are far more serious. Going organic is a great way to fine-tune your meal plan once you’re at a healthy weight, but getting to that healthy weight should be your priority.

Plus, if you’re eating organic food while you’re still overweight you may be wasting your money: If you are obese, the metabolic and oxidative stress on your body is likely to counteract any benefit you’ll get from eating organic foods.

Likewise, just as there are good calories and bad calories,
good cholesterol and bad cholesterol, healthy fats and bad
fats, there are typical grocery store processed foods and a good version.
The good version is those that are healthy, fortified meal replacements.

It depends on the processing plan. The rap on grocery store processed foods
is the added salt, fat, sugar, and other massive amounts of
excitotoxic food additives, such as MSG. Our meal
replacements are quite different and should not be categorized
with grocery store processed foods.

Our meal replacements are not designed or processed with the
same Plan as those foods/poisons. The meal replacements we use
are fortified and formulated to be nutritionally dense, low calorie,
blood sugar balancing, low-glycemic, calcium proper, fiber rich,
and much, much more by doctors for doctors and lay people to
overcome the ravages of the Western Diet and lifestyle. They
are formulated for Health.

Healthy Meal Replacements

Although our Meal Replacements are not organic, the  5 & 1 Plan we use is the perfect prescription for safe weight loss. And the fast results mean that you will spend less time and money reaching your weight-loss goal.

A lot of the “processing” that goes into our meals is to your advantage. Fortifying them with vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber is what makes them so nutritious and so filling, and ensures that you get the same “nutritional footprint” in every meal, whatever form or flavor you choose.

Our meals are manufactured to save you hours in the kitchen preparing and packaging healthy meals in appropriate portions. And, of course, while you’re on the 5 & 1 Plan, you’re retraining your body and your appetite to crave healthy fuel in normal portions. You can always look for and choose organic produce and lean proteins for your Lean & Green Meal each day.

What a doctor says

Mark Nelson, M.D., a New York cardiologist and one of our company’s coaches, has this to say:

“These are the healthiest meal replacements in the United States. There is simply no question about that. They are balanced carbohydrate and soy [protein], and soy is one of the healthiest proteins there is.

“[They are] anti-inflammatory. There are enough vitamins and minerals for everyone. They are portion-controlled; they are pharmaceutical grade. These meals are not made by food giants; they are made by an independent manufacturing facility that is FDA-inspected.”

The meal replacements and the 5 & 1 Plan protocol
are tools used in Step 2 of a 6 step Path to a Longer,
Healthier Life. Our meal replacements bear no
comparison to Grocery Store Processed Foods and should
not be targeted along with them.

Now you know

The unfortunate comparison of our meal replacements sabotages the most effective
tool there is for people to start getting their weight under
control. Help us educate and spread the word that there are good processed foods.
It’s those meal replacements we use in our weight loss training.
Contact us for complete content and nutrition details.

The right food at the right time

The advantage of our meal replacement program
is that it’s success early in Step 2 of our program leads
to critical teachable moments. If whole foods worked in
any significant way to get to that point, we would use them.

Our goal is not a diet, but a lifestyle change. Our meal
replacements, which bear no nutritional resemblance to
grocery store ‘processed foods,’ have been shown to be
twice as effective as the whole foods diet recommended
by the American Diabetes Association. It’s results like that
that we prefer to coach.
It’s helpful to remember that being overweight or obese is a medical issue that can become serious if left unmanaged. Our program using meal replacements is the perfect nutritional prescription for fast weight loss.

Because our protocol works so quickly, you can reach your goal faster than you can with other weight-loss plans.

Once you reach your healthy weight goal and resume eating a wider selection of vegetables, fruits, dairy, and whole grains, you can benefit from organic choices as part of your ongoing healthy meal plan.

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