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Hurt My Health or Help My Health? The Path to Life Extension


If you could choose a longer, healthier life, would you?  Science has proven that a longer, healthier life is very possible for you – one step, one habit, and one day at a time. Extending your life – and health span – has simple, proven components within your control. It can be done! What to do is not even a medical secret. It’s about quelling inflammation. What not to do is also painfully evident. We’ll guide you through both: 1) inflammation knowledge and 2) choices, always including enjoyable, purposeful eating, stress reduction, and healthy habits of motion.


You may be surprised to learn that what you principally need to bring under control – and to protect – is your immune system. This benevolent protector that we rely on 24/7 has a darker side that can all too easily turn on us. That happens when we choose to hurt our health through habits of disease rather than protect ourselves through lifestyle changes that are Habits of Health.


Potentially destructive biochemical elements, inflammatory cytokines, are created short term as a healthy part of your immune system; but they are not healthy when part of a too large waist. The problem with these, cell-signaling, hormone-like chemicals is when their existence is extended and when they stick around in the unused, dysfunctional fat found in the visceral, central adiposity we know as ‘belly fat.’ In that condition they are contributing to the progression of aging and many degenerative diseases. When central adiposity exists that’s the beginning of trouble; that’s your visual wake-up call.


Imagine consciously eating trash and trashing your body and future. As a country we do that now, and it’s trashing our personal and national budgets. We are in the midst of a health and obesity crisis. There needs to be an intervention. It can start where you are, with you now, learning more about dousing the flame of inflammation and furthering your healthy habits knowledge and choices.


You can choose a known, proven, healthy path based on well-defined steps. Throughout you will have the support and guidance of a Certified Health Coach. You can influence positively many around you at the same time. Support and knowledge are key.


In 1800 the average life expectancy was just 36. In 1920 it was 54. In 1940 it was up to 63. In 2000, up to 77; and now people regularly live into their 80s. Scientific advances and knowledge have grown significantly. So have our belt sizes. Unfortunately, central adiposity, belly fat, is a factory for disease. It turns an immune system designed to help us into the central player in degenerative diseases and aging.

Sadly much of the known information has not been shared by our medical care or educational systems.

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