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With all we know to do, we aren’t doing it or even getting the information upon which to act. By 2020 half the population is projected to have diabetes. And today’s children are the first generation projected to live shorter lives than their parents. Even with longer lives, health spans have not kept up and do not equate. You can do better. You have found us. Our innovative, grass-roots, private sector initiative fills the education and support void. We have been recognized effective by more than 20,000 doctor referrals. You will want to thank profusely whoever referred you to us.


You can match a long health span to a longer life span. The starting point is weight-management. Period! You must have healthy habits of eating and movement and control stress in your life. That’s our program “For Life” in a nut shell.


We say that weight-loss is for ‘Health Students’ and is the necessary starting point. Life extension and health extension, and the matching of the two, require more. We call those, in the latter stages (there are four) following weight-loss, ‘Health Scholars.’  You can recognize them as ‘Healthy, Vibrant Octogenarians,” or make it you doing even better, living longer.


Our Health Scholars stay with us and move beyond just weight-loss and diet to weight management and lifetime, purposeful, healthy choices. Healthy Habits are established “For Life.”  With a few more key habit changes, science now tells us that those who choose to be Health Scholars can predictably look to an Optimal Health, vibrant life span of up to 120 – 150 years, well beyond 80 or 90. We enable you to be a long living Scholar. We offer an easy path based on proven clinical study and results.


The best part is that the health scholarship stage really is easy with our program. It just takes a little of the knowledge available to you in book, personal, or audio-video form (whichever is easiest for you); it takes focus (which our Coaches are trained to support); and, when necessary, knowing when to stop and make the following consideration: “Will this decision ‘Hurt My Health’ or ‘Help My Health.’”  Then choose remembering this quote about taking action:

Act is the blossom of thought. Joy and suffering are its fruits; thus does a man garner in the sweet and bitter fruitage of his own husbandry.” –James Allen

One choice will benefit you. The other will be toxic. Your choice.

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