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Your effort to extend your life and have it be a healthy extension, will take going the extra step and understanding your immune system so you have a framework for making your decisions. Those of you who choose longer, healthier lives will choose to STOP, look at your knowledge base (or ours) and CONSIDER, and then ACT. Actions have Consequences. You will also choose to have a Health Coach.


Our coaches will be there to keep you from being distracted or to get you back on path if your attention is distracted. “Direction determines Destination. Attention determines Direction” –Andy Stanly, The Principle of the Path.


Studies on file at the National Registry show the advantages of support and candor working with a caring Health Coach. That is why our profession is emerging so rapidly in paraprofessional support of our nation’s overextended medical providers. Additionally we have a unique, comprehensive approach designed to respond to the logistic and psychological barriers that others who are not on our specific Habits of Health program face.


If you have successfully used our weight-loss program, you just have to learn a little more and practice a few more common sense choices. If you have not used our weight-loss program, start now. If you are already at your ideal weight, great! High blood pressure and the other symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome are not normal. Living in toxic environments and eating toxic foods are avoidable. Stress is manageable. With the support of a Certified Health Coach, we will guide you through all you need to know. If you have not gotten to your ideal weight, we need to get you there first – with a supporting Certified Health Coach.


There is no magic pill coming soon, if ever; however, nanotechnology, reprogramming genes, restoration of youthful gene expression, and more are no longer the stuff of science fiction. In studies and experiments across the globe real progress is being made to keep cells, tissues, and organs from aging, and perhaps even grow younger. You can do that now, naturally. You do not want for, or wait for, a ‘magic pill.’ There are already proven ways to extend our lives and health. You have all the magic, naturally, most people will ever need in our program now. Should a magic pill come, if it ever does in our lifetime, let’s already be ahead of the curve.

Remember, when you carry extra fat around your middle, smoke cigarettes, and stay too long on the couch, etc. your immune system goes into action. Its purpose, along with seeking out harmful intruders like bacteria, viruses, and parasites, is to restore balance to an unbalanced body. It’s not just rushing white blood cells to cuts. For over two-thirds of Americans, those over a healthy weight and obese, their immune systems are very, very busy. Way too busy, and that’s a crisis. Call us. Find out what you can do for your immune system and you. “For Life.”

Our immune systems are supposed to have periods of rest, times to settle down and wait for the next intruder. Instead, unused, dysfunctional fat cells are creating inflammatory elements being recognized as intruders. That keeps the immune system on alert and wears it down. It’s not an all-out alert like throbbing or fever. Instead, it’s trickling of molecules into your blood in quantities so small they can only be detected with special tests. You almost certainly will soon feel the effects however with a certain amount of lack of energy and brain fog. Ultimately the toll will be taken, with a shortened life span or shortened health span, disease, aches and pains. Your immune system will start to wear out – too soon. You cannot have a drained immune system and extend your life or even live a normal, healthy life.

Our hostile, obesigenic environment and pathologic eating stimulates our immune system every day through thousands of little exposures, and the damage to our health and longevity can be staggering. It relentlessly ages our organs and cells. It ages our brains prematurely. It leads to a state of Chronic Inflammatory Syndrome that is dangerously life and health shortening.

Find out from us now how you can use calorie restriction, nutritionally loaded meals, micronutrients, eating at the right times, healthy habits of movement, stress reduction, and more –  much, much more – to ensure your Optimal Health and long, healthy life.

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