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Why just regular pictures to show our client stories? Because we are all just regular people trying to make our lives better. This isn’t some diet scam to show you overly dramatic results. These are real people with real stories, and we want you to see just how proud of them we all are!


Meet JoyNWAction health coach Joy before weight loss

My Story: Everyone reading this has probably tried to lose weight and failed. That was my yo-yo history all my life until three years ago when my exercise coach, introduced me to this wonderful program – and absolutely at the right time! My doctor had just informed me I was pre-diabetic. That was not where I wanted to be!  I easily and successfully lost the weight I needed to lose to get to a healthy weight. Best of all, NOW I KEEP IT OFF. You can too!





Meet Tom

His Story: “I spent the 2nd half of 2008 preparing for Bariatric Surgery. I weighed 323 lbs. At the final consultation I decided instead to follow the meal replacements program, eating 5 of them and one grocery store meal each day. In days 1-9 my insulin was progressively cut from 142 units to 25 units and one of the insulin types was discontinued. Day 17: Diuretic was discontinued. Day 24: Rx ace inhibitor cut by 50%. Day 31: End of the ace inhibitor and insulin cut to 15 units. Day 65: insulin cut to 12 units. Day 75: Put CPAP away on closet shelf. Day 85: Last insulin injection. Day 103: Rx beta blocker was cut by 50%. Day 144 resulted in the elimination of an oral diabetes medication. In total I’ve lost 100 pounds, and as you might imagine I’m a raving fan of this program.  I like it so much, I’ve become a Health Coach myself. People should know.  It works!”  -Tom Sterbenc


Meet JeffNWAction Health Coaches Before and After slides of Jeff

His Story:










Meet PamNWAction Health Coaches showing before and after slides of Pam.

Her Story:











Meet JohnNWAction Weight Loss Health Coaches Slide of John before and after

His Story: “I’m 59 years young and lost 65 pounds in 3 months – over 3 years ago. I now eat 3 balanced meals a day, along with 3 low-glycemic fueling’s/snacks between meals to maintain my healthy lifestyle.”






Meet Diane




Her Story: “Bob and Joy were wonderful at coaching me through my journey!  I am no longer in fear of some terrible health conditions, and I have more energy and enjoy my life like never before. My husband is even starting the program!  They were there for me, and they can be there for you too!”