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No one gets to the place where he or she no longer needs wise counsel. Nobody.

You will never get to the place where you don’t need wise counsel. You always only know what you know.

The older we get, the higher the stakes are for many of our decisions – particularly those regarding our health. If you know you need to make a change or you have been told to change by your doctor, then choose your path guide thoughtfully.


Take a lesson from the top athletes you know. They all have their team coaches and individual coaches.


All of us are borrowing from someone else’s map – sometimes on purpose, too often unintentionally. If you don’t have your own plan, you are part of someone else’s. Who are your influences? Are they further down the road than you are? Are their lives and lifestyles what you vision? What would you pay for a peek at the map of the successful? How about FREE?  That’s what we charge.


Stopped in your tracks because the terrain is unfamiliar? Pull over and ask for directions. Direction determines destination. Asking isn’t a reflection of lack of wisdom. It is wisdom. Our Health Coaches know the path and the bricks and mortar that make it solid.

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