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Everyone  needs  a health path guide.

Now you can have us.

Did your doctor send you – or are you visiting on your own?

  • To change to healthy eating habits?
  • To change your mirror image?
  • To add healthy movement habits?
  • To feel better with more energy?
  • To avoid or get off medications?
  • To live longer?
  • To address sleep apnea?
  • To ensure brain health?
  • To address a disease or cancer concern?
  • Other?

If you accept that “You end up where your path leads and on the path you choose,” then you want a Health Path Guide for your ‘Path to a Longer, Healthier Life’. As Professional, Certified Health Coaches, that is exactly what we are, Health Path Guides for those with a healthy life commitment. You are at the right place.

In the next few minutes, you

could LOSE ALL FEAR of. . .


Heart Disease/Stroke                        Diabetes

High Blood Pressure               Joint Discomfort

Metabolic Syndrome              Bad Cholesterol

Most Cancers                          Mental problems

Lack of vitality                                    Aging itself

. . . and much, much more


Everyone wants that path.  Sounds too good to be true, right? Actually the solution has been around for years. Your doctor knows the answer.  If you maintain a healthy weight, reach it and keep it, then you can count on your health span matching nicely with the ever increasing life spans now possible because of modern medicine. Wouldn’t it be horrible to live a long life, but have a short health span?  We want and can enable better for you. “For Life.”


“How passionately do you want the great, vibrant, healthy life you can have?” How motivated are you?  On a scale from 1 to 10, what is your commitment to your Optimal Health? Are you willing to make the changes that require moving briefly from what is usual, comfortable, and customary (your current habits), to a new set of healthy habits that will work for you “For Life?”  If your answer is, “I’m ready,” you have started on your path to Optimal Health and your loss of fear.

What your doctor knows. . .

If your doctor sent you to us, it’s because he or she wants you to have an expert to call (one-on-one), trained to keep you on course to get the results you want and having a proven, credible program.


For many of you, your doctor recommended us. We would like to let you know why. So we put together this site so you could learn a little more before you call us to get started. Hope it helps. Hope you call no matter what path led you here.


Know this, any apprehension you are feeling about changing your habits is natural. You are perhaps even telling yourself you can’t change. Or you ‘know’ you can’t change because you have tried before. This is different. You can do this.


Taking action scares you, then excites you. It just does. That’s what happens because there is nothing unsettling about dreaming and doing nothing. Your thoughts just determine what you want. Your actions determine what you get: your path.

The answer is, “Yes,” to the following 3 questions: 1) Does it work?  2) Will it work for me?  and 3) Will you help me?

Take the 28 Day Optimal Health Challenge