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Take the 28 Day Optimal Health Challenge!


Optimal Health is a whole new, innovative approach to well-being that is based on habits of healthy choices that will let you take charge of your health for the long-term. Healthy weight loss is just the beginning. Take the challenge to create Optimal Health in your life.


Studies show that it takes about three weeks of repetition to change a habit. An experiment with astronauts demonstrates just how powerful this can be.  They gave them concave lenses, which made them see upside down.  After 30 days of continuous wear, they could see right-side up.  If they interrupted the experiment along the way, the results reverted back.  Even physical habits as strong as sight can be changed if you stick to it.


Here is our challenge: Stick to our program for 28 days, without interruption. Everyone knows that weight-loss and weight management require the right foods, at the right times, in the right amounts combined with healthy habits of motion. We have all that simplified for you using a combination of coaching, meal replacements, and grocery store foods.


We are going to replace the meals you are currently eating with six meals a day, over 70 tasty new selections. All you have to do is eat what we have in our protocol, one meal every 2-3 hours, for 28 days, and you can expect to lose up to 2-5 lbs. a week.


We are not going to charge you for the coaching or our program, and typically clients spend less each week eating following our protocol than they normally spend each week. We will take back or exchange any of the meal replacements you don’t like during the challenge period.


For 28 days change from what is usual, customary, and common to a new set of habits, just like the astronauts.  That’s the challenge. Have one of our coaches contact you, and when they do tell them you are interested in the 28 Day Optimal Health Challenge. Click the green “Get Your Coach!” box.