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Habits of Disease to Habits of Health


Being overweight, sick, and tired is expensive. And the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer related to obesity is all too real. Missed work, doctor visits, high-priced prescriptions, and lost opportunities are keeping too many Americans in a vicious circle.

Everyone knows diets by themselves rarely work long-term. Over 85% of people who diet and lose weight will regain it – plus about 10 more pounds – within 2 years of weight-loss. Unless the underlying behaviors that created weight –gain in the first place are corrected, chronic dieters are destined to a path of failure.

We will work with you to go from habits of disease to habits of health. You will see just how easy it is. Ours is a physician led program using  portion controlled, nutritionally balanced, meal replacements to get you started.  To best experience our program and realize you can do this – and how easy it can be for you – take our 28 Day Health Challenge. Try it! It will be a totally new experience, not like anything you may think you have tried in the past.

If you are like most you will quickly go from ‘trying it’ to being ‘committed to it.’