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Yes, we have a proven path to successful weight-loss with fast, safe, effective results, but there is far more.  The primary, fundamental, initial goal is your weight-loss. Period! But our program does not, and can not, end there for your improved, then long-lasting, optimal health – For Life.

Your path with us will have six, simple, distinct health habit steps that will keep you  focused. Weight-loss is only step two to committing to habit change. It is the ‘student’ phase, and the “You’ve got my attention” phase. What comes next is the lasting ‘scholar’ phase where you know what you are doing and doing it purposefully for the greatest, long-term enjoyment.

Along the way to ensure your success you will have help when distracted (and you will be),. You will have personalized one-on-one coaching from a Certified Professional Health Coach. Your Health Coach will be fully supported by a bio-network of health professionals as recommended by the National Institutes of Health. You will be in a multi-disciplined program, designed to empower you all along your Optimal Health, vibrant, and “For Life” path.