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The Power is in Your Path

What makes our approach unique and successful is that we provide our clients with a comprehensive, simple six step pathway, individually tailored, with personalized long-term, one-on-one coaching just a phone call away, all the way. Clients can jump in at any one of the 6 steps.


You will learn proven, healthy habits for staying lean and optimally healthy for a lifetime. You will have the necessary tools, techniques, direction, knowledge, and coaching to respond to the challenges of modern day lifestyles. A healthy weight cuts the risk for dangerous diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. You’ll also free yourself from the stress and exhaustion of chronic, preventable bad health. You may even save money: As you get to a healthy weight, your doctor may be able to cut back or eliminate some of your medications.

It’s a path that will first help you safely and quickly get to a healthy weight (up to 2-5 lbs of weight-loss per week), but reaching a healthy weight is just the beginning, just an early step on your path. Participants enjoy that weight loss is an early step and the path-coaching is there throughout – free for life.